People’s Choice Best Whitetail Contest

Free to Enter! Bring out your best whitetail mounts to be placed onto our buck wall for a chance at trip giveaways and cash prizes! The first 50 whitetail deer mounts brought in and registered will receive a weekend pass to return on Sunday for the final vote count and to claim their prize. Registration Opens Thursday 5pm – Ends Saturday 11am.
1st Place: 5 day 6 Night Smallmouth Fishing Trip to Michigan$100 Cash
2nd Place: 5 day 6 Night Smallmouth Fishing Trip to Michigan and $50 Cash
3rd Place: $25.00 Cash

To Register: Must have valid ID. Photo will be taken with your deer mount and registry form prior to leaving your mount.  You must return with the valid ID in order to pick your mount up on Sunday. This ensures that trophies will go back to the proper person without any unlawful release of that whitetail deer mount. Your trophy is important you and we will make sure it gets back in the proper hands after the contest.

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